Services and Packages

Is this right for you?

No charge for a 15 minute conversation to determine which program is right for you.

During this time we will discuss your current lifestyle, habits, and health goals. Request a consult HERE!
All consultations are subject to availability, and require 24 hour notice of cancellation.
Consultations are offered in person or remote (Skype or phone).
*Within a 10 mile radius, or a travel fee will be charged.


Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is used as a stepping-stone for our work together. We will use our time together to walk through your health history, sleep habits, daily food intake, and any other pertinent information. We will also discuss any supplementation, lab work, or medications you may be on. From there, we will work to create goals and discuss next steps for working together. This session is typically 60 minutes, and includes pre and post-session time lab analysis and protocol design.


Follow up sessions are typically 45 minutes and include pre and post-session time for research, protocol modifications and documentation, and follow-up emails.

1 Follow-up – $125

3 Follow-ups – $350


Think you want to work with me, but not ready to make the investment? A 30 minute call may be right for you. In this session I can answer straight-forward questions and guide you through some simple nutrition changes.

30 minutes – $55




Monthly Coaching Program

Making nutrition and lifestyle changes can be hard, and working with me on a monthly basis can make it a bit easier. During this time we will set and accomplish goals, uncover the root cause of dis-ease in your body, and create healthier habits. Each month consists of 2, 60-minute sessions per month, as well as email support between our sessions. Programs are a minimum of 3 months, although many clients choose to work with me for longer.  *Must schedule an initial consultation first.

3 month membership $650

Digestive Reset

If you’re like most Americans, you’re suffering from some sort of digestive problem. What if I told you there was a natural way to alleviate the pain from IBS, heartburn, GERD, bloating, and even inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s? Well there is. Diet is the FIRST step to healing, not medication. Don’t forget, you really are what you eat (and digest).

My program will help you:

  • Identify which foods make you feel worse
  • Discover what other ailments you may have that are caused by poor digestion
  • Alleviate heartburn
  • Stop with the uncomfortable bloating and gas
  • Increase your energy
  • Learn how to read grocery labels
  • Begin to incorporate the best foods for digestion and gut health

Give me 5 weeks and I’ll give you the keys to digestive health. This 5 week program includes:

  • Unlimited emails throughout the 5 weeks
  • Initial consultation
  • 5 mini sessions (20 minutes each)
  • Detailed nutrition and lifestyle plan
  • Meal ideas and recipes
  • Various handouts


Fertility + Prenatal Nutrition

Pregnant? Trying to conceive? Or perhaps you’ve been trying unsuccessfully for years, but cannot afford IVF? Proper prenatal nutrition is often not practiced in our modern world, even though it is widely ascertained that the health of parents significantly affects their ability to conceive. In a study done by the Environmental Working Group, it was found that over 200 toxins were present in the umbilical cord blood of 10 babies. This is before they were even born! While not all toxins can be eliminated with proper nutrition, significant improvements can be made with the right diet, aiding in conception.

Many women find themselves confused about what constitutes a quality prenatal diet. There is a vast array of conflicting information out there, making it difficult to know who/what to believe. This program will utilize the healing quality of food to prepare your body for baby. Whether you are pregnant or still trying to conceive, we will work together to improve your likelihood for a successful, healthy pregnancy.

  • Unlimited emails for 3 months
  • Initial consultation
  • 3 follow-up sessions (60 minutes)
  • Detailed nutrition and lifestyle plan
  • Meal ideas and recipes
  • Various handouts




DIY “Cleanse”

Missed one of my seasonal cleanses or just wanting to do it at your own pace? Then this is for you. This is whole foods, natural approach to clearing the body of toxins and getting you in the best health possible. My program walks you through what foods to eat/not eat, a full 2 weeks worth of recipes and shopping lists, and a complete guide of how to do the program.



Customized Food Planning 

Unsure of what to cook? Have picky eaters at home? Don’t know how to cook without dairy, or have other food intolerances? I will create a customized food plan for you, taking out all the guesswork. Full recipes will be provided to you, all based upon your dietary needs. Additionally, I will offer my phone services while you are grocery shopping in case you have questions along the way. For those that want to go the extra mile, I also offer meal prep services where I cook and store your healthy meals for the week, and you just reheat them when you’re ready to eat!

Simple 1 week food plan $50 

Food intolerance 1 week food plan $70

*Additional weeks/packages upon request