FREE 5 Day Healthy Eating Plan


Are you ready to finally get on track with healthy eating (and actually stay there)?

We all know what healthy eating looks like. But actually doing it? That’s another story. It’s doable though, when you’ve got a game plan, recipes, a shopping list, and accountability. That’s what this free meal plan is about–simplifying health for those with busy lives.

The digestive tract is a massive component to your health, and it is often heard that “health starts in the gut.”  This is especially true with anxiety. That’s because the majority of your immune system and neurotransmitters are located there. So what’s the key to maintaining (or obtaining) a healthy gut? Eating right! That’s where this FREE 5 Day Eating Reset comes into play.


Gut issues are so abundant, and lead to so many symptoms:

  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Poor sleep
  • Weight gain or inability to lose weight
  • Constipation and diarrhea
  • Allergies
  • Depression
  • Gas and cramping
  • Bloating (it’s not normal to bloat after meals!)
  • Heartburn
  • And many, many more!

If you experience ANY of these, it’s probably time to clean up your diet and reset your gut.

I don’t work magic (or maybe I do), but I can tell you that if you follow this plan, you should find that you have more energy, fewer cravings, better sleep, no belly bloat, and you may even drop a few pounds. But more importantly, you have eaten nourishing foods that are healing your body rather than depleting it.



I know that most people have tons of info about healthy eating already. But how often do you take clean snacks to work, drink the eight+ glasses of water per day, or prep healthy recipes?

What you need is a plan to make it happen, and some accountability.

The 5 Day Healthy Eating Plan comes with everything you need to jump-start your healthy eating routine, regardless of how much time you DON’T have (and trust me, I get it, I’m a busy mom too).

So what do you get when you sign up for this FREE program? 

  • 5 full days of delicious and easy recipes you and your family will LOVE (NOTE: these are vegetarian, but you can easily throw in a protein of choice for each meal)
  • A printable grocery list to take with you
  • A 5-day suggested meal plan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner so you don’t have to wonder what to prepare
  • Support in my PRIVATE Facebook group

You can make healthy eating happen and feel amazing even if you:

  • Work a corporate 9-5 job
  • Are raising a family of five
  • Hate spending time deciding what to feed the family
  • Put in 14 hour days
  • Live the crazy life of a solo-entrepreneur
  • Or simply don’t have enough hours in the day

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