Fix your gut, Fix your mood

And if you can’t read my small little infographic, the notes are below as well 🙂


Choose foods that are rich in probiotics. That includes items like sauerkraut, kimchi, and anything else that is fermented. These foods allow good bacteria to multiply and proliferate, and kill off harmful bacteria with a higher pH.


You may be laughing, but you won’t be when you realize your poor chewing may be leading to serious issues. Digestion starts as soon as food enters your mouth. If you aren’t chewing well, you can’t digest. If you can’t digest, you can’t absorb. Then you’re dealing with lower amino acid levels which hinders neurotransmitters. That leads to anxiety, depression, mood issues, and poor sleep.


Not all foods are created equal. If you are reading a label on your food, and it’s a) not something you are familiar with, b) has a bazillion ingredients, or c) contains artificial ingredients or vitamins, it’s ‘fake.’ Opt for foods as close to their natural state as possible. Additionally, newer research is coming out in regards to GMO’s and pesticides. When you can, opt for organic.


I’m talking about your birth control pill. Not I’m not saying to abstain or go without protection, but…studies show that those on oral contraceptives commonly deal with anxiety. Why is that? It completely messes with your gut bacteria.


Take a look at the toxins around you. While we can’t fully avoid them, we can limit them. Swap out the chemical cleaners, filter your drinking water, opt for high quality beauty products, and clean up any plastics that you may be using daily (look for BPA free and cut back all together). Xenoestrogens like these will lead to estrogen dominance which can be a factor in anxiety, as well as mess with the microbiome.

Need additional ideas? I’ve got two more! 1) Join the Busy Mom’s Wellness Tribe here, where we go live on Wednesday nights and talk all the things. 2) Sign up for my free 5 day healthy eating plan here, which of course is a huge piece of wellness

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