Is STRESS your Middle Name?

Stress. We all deal with it, yet so many of us (ahem…myself included) just don’t realize the impact it has on our health. Did you know that stress related health issues are the #1 reason for Doctor’s visits?? Crazy! And, of course for my clients dealing with anxiety, stress is always an issue.

So, today I want to share a few lesser known ways to manage stress.

Start writing

You can easily reduce stress by spending a few minutes each day journaling. Find a time each day to sit down in a quiet space, and take some time to write what comes to mind. Talk to yourself about the achievements of that specific day, or if you have faced any failure or any stressful situation, seek advice from yourself about it.  This may be awkward or uncomfortable at first but it’ll get easy with practice. And if you can’t find 5-10 minutes to do this, as Tony Robbins says..there are bigger problems 😉

Find inspiring quotations about loving yourself and post them in various places in your room and workplace, like this quote:

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” – Confucius

Seeing positive words and saying positive affirmations can have a profound impact on stress alone. And, it’s a super easy activity to do. If you feel strange posting quotes around your office or home, then think small- a quote as your screensaver, a post it note with your favorite quote, etc. Keep it simple.

Accept yourself as you are.

The world can be a cruel place to live in. People will judge you for being imperfect, but.. everyone is!  Remind yourself that you are a divine creation and worthy of health, and your desires. Accept your flaws and accept your body- they are what make you unique!

Be kind to your body and soul.

Practice things that are good for your body, such as exercise and healthy eating, and things that are good for your soul, like meditation or spirituality. You’re responsible for your inner universe; nurture it, and it’ll reward you with constant discoveries about yourself.

Show gratitude

Did you know that one of the easiest ways to manifest your desires is by showing gratitude? So wake up each day and make it a routine to say 3 things you are grateful for…the bed you’re sleeping in, the hot water you have for showers, a job, etc. Too often we focus on what ISN’T going well in our lives, and that just leads to more stress. So flip the switch and start focusing on what you’re grateful for.

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