Are your poor eating habits harming you?

I’m amazed at how many clients present with digestive upset which is simply related to poor eating habits. 

While symptoms such as bloating, gas, and belching are quite common (and you may experience them yourself), they are not “normal.” 

So how do these symptoms go away? Well oftentimes, it’s as simple as these three principles:

1) Did you know that the average American only chews each bite of food a few times before swallowing? And many times, that’s with a gulp of water. My advice to you: try to chew your food until it’s liquid. This  reduces the work of your stomach. It may sound time consuming, but eating a meal should not take 5 minutes. You should be chewing your food 20-30 times per bite and not drinking much liquid with meals (that dilutes the stomach acid which is further needed break food down). 

2) Eat to 80% full. This takes some changing of the mindset for most people. Stop when you feel ‘pleasant’ not full. Your body literally needs the extra room for digestion to happen. 

3) Think portion control. When you’re at a restaurant, usually what is presented to you is not a portion- it may even be two. When you’re at home, fill your plate with 3/4 vegetables, and the rest protein and fat, and make sure your plate isn’t heaping full. 

If you’re still having digestive issues, seek out additional causes…this could be food sensitivities, magnesium deficiency, or a number of other issues. 

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