How To “Fix” Chronic Fatigue

One of the biggest complaints I get in my practice is around chronic fatigue. Not ‘chronic fatigue syndrome’ (that’s a different beast), but fatigue that comes and goes, and greatly impacts your daily life.

Sometimes, fatigue is a simple fix- not adequately hydrating, not getting quality sleep, or even just eating a nutrient depleting diet.

Most of the time though, that’s not the case. Most of my clients are pretty savvy and have tried multiple things, but are still struggling. So when you get to this point, where do you go?

Now what?

First, get your annual labs checked. We’re looking for optimal ranges, not just ‘within range,’ which doesn’t give us any insight. There’s a lot to be gleamed from basic, annual labs, but most Western medicine practitioners are just looking for things in the red. Look for anything that seems slightly high or slightly low, and ask what that could mean. If you need help with this, shoot me an email, I’m working on a document on lab markers.

Make sure you’re hydrating properly. As simple as that sounds, many are chronically dehydrated. You want to be drinking water every hour, not chugging a few cups when you remember. And from a hydration standpoint, you actually need to retain the water. So if you’re peeing it all out within 15 minutes, that tells me that you’re likely lacking sodium and/or potassium. Consider some electrolyte powder or even just some good ‘ol Celtic salt and coconut water.

Balance your blood sugar. If you’re spiking your insulin levels all day by carb loading…stop. Any time you eat something, make sure to get some protein and fat. Blood sugar can totally tank your energy, and one of the most simple things you can do to balance it is to not eat carbs (bread, fruit, cookies, etc) alone.

Digging Deeper

Make sure your minerals are looking good. This is where we get into more complex issues, because you won’t know unless you test. I’m partial to the HTMA (hair tissue mineral analysis) because it gives us a broader snapshot of the body, and also acts as a 3 month biopsy of minerals unlike blood, which is less than 3 days. If you can’t test, get on Google, look up foods for all minerals, and make sure you’re getting enough from each category daily.

This is an example of a client’s hair test. Overall, she’s pretty depleted with her mineral levels. She’s in a slow oxidation/metabolic rate and has slow thyroid and adrenal activity (which we confirmed with a full thyroid panel), and sure enough, has fatigue, constipation, blood sugar issues, sugar cravings, and pretty bad brain fog. When we can get her minerals balanced out, those effect EVERY function in the body, and that’s when energy levels will start to increase.

Let’s say you’ve done all of the above, and are still not getting results. Then it’s time to dig even deeper… gut infections, exposures (mold, Lyme), parasites, and several other factors could be at play. Like I said earlier, fatigue is not always a simple fix. Many times there are multiple dynamics, and it requires some digging with a qualified practitioner. But, don’t give up! You can and will fix your energy levels, but be patient and persistent.

To your health,

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