About Kira

Hi! I’m Kira Whitham, founder of A Nourished Life. So happy you’re here!


A little about me . . . I hold a Master’s in Health and Nutrition Education degree from Hawthorn University, with additional training in functional medicine (and am now studying to be a Traditional ND). I strongly believe that food has healing qualities and the majority of our health problems can be solved through proper nourishment.


As a child I experienced frequent stomach pain. I remember spending hours hunched over the bathtub because the pressure helped ease some of the pain. My parents took me to doctors and were given vague prognoses and referred me to specialists. I underwent test after test after test, and was finally “diagnosed” with IBS and told to eliminate citrus, tomatoes, caffeine, and chocolate. I was given Zantac for heartburn and was even offered antidepressants to ease the stomach pain.


Unfortunately, my stomach issues continued even when I cut those foods out. I felt helpless. Nothing worked and no one could give me adequate answers on why I always felt so poorly. I decided I was fed up and began doing my own research into nutrition. First I stopped eating out so often (fast food was a frequent staple) and cut back on dairy and grains. I started to notice some improvement in my symptoms, so I continued reducing these foods. Today, I am virtually symptom free and no longer have to make trips to Urgent Care due to debilitating stomach pain and vomiting. I have eliminated dairy and gluten, drastically reduced sugar consumption, and no longer eat fast foods… and, I don’t miss them!


And as for the foods that the doctors had me eliminate—those don’t bother me in the least. Had I never done my own research and began experimenting with foods, I would probably still be stuck in my old ways, not realizing that certain foods were fueling my pain. This is what drives me to help others. I want people to know that there are alternative routes to healing, and that food is meant to nourish the body (this was learned while also helping my husband navigate his autoimmune disease). My goal is to help others find solutions to their health problems and begin enjoying their lives again.


These days I enjoy traveling, being outdoors, reading, and hanging out with my family. My passion is helping others find wellness, but with a lifestyle that works for them.

Additional training:

    • MS Health and Nutrition Education, Hawthorn University

    • MA Education, George Fox University

    • BA English, Portland State University

    • Nutrigenomic training at The Genomic Kitchen

    • HTMA training with Kendra Perry

    • Thyroid dysfunction Pomeroy Institute for Functional Nutrition

    • Functional Nutrition: Clinical Solutions for Addressing the Underlying Causes of Disease (through the Institute for Functional Medicine) and 2018 IFM conference on autoimmune

    • Studied at the School of Applied Functional Medicine and the Metabolic Healing Institute with course work in:

    •              – Hormones (including thyroid/adrenals)

    •              – Headaches and migraines

    •              – Digestive health

    •              – Diabetes              

                   – Fertility

    •              – Allergies and Asthma

    •              – Anxiety and depression

                         – Cardiovascular health

    •              – Supplements

    •              – Functional lab work