Hidden Sources of Inflammation

Working as a functional medicine trained nutritionist, I see a lot of clients with chronic disease. And, most of the time, that’s linked to inflammation. While most know what inflammation is, they don’t understand how it becomes chronic, or even what to do about it.

Inflammation in itself is not a bad thing. Fall, cut yourself, you bleed and scab. That’s inflammation. It’s crucial for healing. The problem is when inflammation doesn’t go away. So consistently eating trans fats, or being exposed to environmental toxins will lead to chronic inflammation.

Other hidden sources of inflammation:

  • Estrogen dominance. This is so, so prevalent with women I work with. Too much estrogen can absolutely lead to inflammation. Especially if you have trouble clearing/detoxifying it. I’m a huge fan of eating cruciferous vegetables for this reason, and also ensuring that you are using “clean” beauty products and maintaining good stress management techniques.
  • Gut infections. Also very prevalent…like 9/10 women I work with deal with this. While a comprehensive stool test like the GI Map is fabulous for showing exactly what is going on in the gut, you can also take precautionary steps. Mindful eating practices, high quality foods, reducing stress, etc.
  • Blood sugar imbalance. Some of my followers or clients may laugh at this because they know exactly what I’m going to say. Protein, fiber and fat! Seriously though. Having a good balance with each meal ensures proper blood sugar stabilization, and in turn helps balance hormones. And of course, avoid any refined or artificial sugars.
  • Chronic sleep issues. Easier said than done in terms of quick tips for this, because those sleep issues can stem from gut infections (since 90% of serotonin is produced in the gut). But, you can control your sleep environment and routine. A dark room, no TV before bed, relaxing night time routine and turning off WiFi can all have an impact on sleep.

What are my top tips for lowering inflammation?

Eat right. Opt for high quality, wild, organic (and all that jazz) foods whenever possible, and limit products coming from boxes, cans and bags.

Reset your circadian rhythm. Get outside daily, allow for 15min of sunshine (with no sunscreen or sunglasses), limit blue lights by wearing amber glasses, and go to bed when it’s dark and wake when it’s light.

Remove stressors. Now, not saying you can just ditch your family (goodness knows they can be stressful haha), but eliminate things that you CAN control. Adopt some deep breathing principles, explore meditation, etc.

Get rid of unnecessary toxins. That includes OTC medications (yes, there are alternatives), cleaning up your beauty supplies (check out ewg.org/skindeep), opting for natural cleaners and anything else you may be inhaling on a regular basis.

Still need more tips? I got you! Join The Busy Mom’s Wellness Tribe right here, where we talk about all these things (and go live on Wednesday evenings with trainings). You’re welcome 😉

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