Girl, It’s Your Thyroid

Once upon a time, I ignored that tiny little thyroid gland since I had some preconceived notions about what the thyroid did. Honestly, I assumed if you were a ‘healthy’ weight, than you must have a healthy thyroid.


Boy was I wrong. The thyroid gland is an under-appreciated and under-nurtured little thing. I mean, that guy controls our metabolism, impacts our energy levels, helps with cognition, and essentially impacts every single cell in our body. And yet, we tend to ignore it.

Why? Well, conventional medicine ignores it. When we go to the Dr, they commonly run TSH and T4, and that’s it. Unfortunately that’s like putting together a puzzle with 2/3 of the pieces missing… good luck figuring out what the picture is.

Take me for example. A few years after my son was born, I started noticing the hair on the top of my head thinning. And then that little bit of extra weight around my mid-section (enough to bother me), and my cholesterol and LDL levels were looking a bit high. Given my diet, I thought well heck, maybe I should just check my thyroid.

Of course, going in for an annual physical EVEN AFTER asking for a full thyroid panel only produced the TSH and T4. And, they were fine. So I ran my own labs only to discover I was not converting T4 to T3 (which is the active thyroid hormone), my Reverse T3 was high, and my TPO antibodies were also slightly elevated. Uhh…ok.

Had I just left the doctors office and went on my merry way assuming everything was ‘fine,’ symptoms would have continued to worsen. And so many women deal with this on a daily basis.

I’m here to say that’s not ok. If you’ve never checked your thyroid, go get a full panel run. Even if you don’t suspect any issues, because subclinical hypothyroid issues are rampant across the country (and world). It’s better to get ahead of any potential issues rather than try to backpedal. I’m telling you from personal and years of clinical experience, it’s much longer once you see issues in lab work and have symptoms.

So, ask your practitioner for the following (and if they won’t run a full panel, find a new practitioner):


Free T3

Free T4

Reverse T3

TPO and TG antibodies

From there, there are plenty of things you can do to improve thyroid health. Want to learn more? Download my FREE guide above for tips, tricks, and even thyroid-supportive recipes. Or, drop me a line and let’s chat.

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