Being a People Pleaser is Harming Your Health

This is a bit of a different blog today. Not as science-y as they usually are, but a much needed topic that so many need to hear. First, let me state it again for all those in the back- pleasing people is harming your health.

Now, you’re probably wondering why on earth I’m saying that. I’ve got a story behind this of course. A few weeks ago, I started developing a strange rash on my hand. I had eczema as an infant, but not since then, so I was a bit confused on what it was. I tried everything natural I knew to do- low histamine and low nickel diets, CBD, jojoba oil, extra probiotics. You name it, I tried it. But nothing seemed to touch this itchy, painful rash.

I finally decided to go to the doctor to make sure I wasn’t harboring some weird parasite under the skin (yes, at that point I was thinking it was possible). She told me it was eczema. Sigh. Ok back to square one with my remedies. Well the very next morning I woke up and had a new development. My face was red, burning, and itching like crazy. It was almost like I had a massive windburn, but I hadn’t been outside for longer than a few moments the day prior!

Your Emotions and Health

At this point I was completely fed up and spoke with two different energy healers who had similar things to say- I was creating this on my own, and it was emotion based. Say whattt??? Long story long, there was an important conversation with someone in my life that was needing to be had, but had been put off for reasons other than my own. The healers believed that it was my emotions being bottled up and coming out through my skin. So, I spent the next 4 days doing major breathing work, doing guided Theta meditations on Anna Kitney’s website (check them out HERE), and writing down all my emotions on the subject.

Well guess what? Skin is clear again!

My point in this story is- pleasing others and bottling up your emotions will come back to bite you in the ass. I’m not an energy healer, I don’t have training in it, and there are absolutely things I don’t understand. But, I do know enough about the power of the mind, self love, thoughts, and emotions to understand that my skin issues made perfect sense with where my mind was at that time.

Put Yourself First

I see too many of my clients bottling up their emotions, or spending their days pleasing others. I’m not telling you to be selfish, unloving, or unkind by any means. In fact, I wish the opposite. But as mothers especially, we tend to put EVERYONE ahead of ourselves. And when that happens, we deprive who matters most- us. If we put caring for ourselves behind others, then everyone suffers. The moment you begin to put yourself first and start truly loving yourself, you become kinder and more present for those that need you.

So for the women reading this saying “I have 3 kids, I come dead last every day.” Stop. Take some time not just for self care each day, but also for self love. It’s hard work to successfully do those two things as many of us have been programmed to put others first. But, I’m telling you not just from firsthand experience, but also years of working with clients, that your health WILL suffer. I know most of my readers are dealing with autoimmune issues and I could argue that more than anyone, you need to put yourselves first in order to heal.

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