Healing Comes From Within

Well, it’s September. Hard to believe. For me, that means pumpkin and fall spices are making their way around again (personally, I’d prefer they stay year round). But that’s beside the point. This is also a new season for me in terms of change.

For the past five years I’ve devoted so much time and energy into physical healing. Learning everything I can about lab work, mapping out a client’s case, nutrition, gut health, and the list goes on. But there’s one problem with that. I’ve learned in the past few months that more than ever, healing comes from within.

That’s not to say that that all that I’ve studied is a waste. Far from it. But what I am realizing is that some people are not truly ready to heal. If the mind isn’t ready, then the body won’t follow.

“Healing requires from us to stop struggling, but to enjoy life more and endure it less.” – Darina Stoyanova

Let’s view the body as a puzzle. Lab work, nutrition, supplements, history are all pieces of the puzzle. But so are emotions and spirituality. If those pieces are missing, then the puzzle can’t be put back together correctly, right? Sadly, this is where I think even functional medicine and nutrition fail people (and I’m sorry to my clients who saw me before I knew this), because food and supplements are not the only parts of healing.

What Do I Do?

So you’re probably asking…ok so then what’s next? Well, assuming your diet, supplements and all the other pieces have been ‘collected,’ then it’s time to move into the deeper, more personal piece.


Most of us have endured some type of trauma in our lives, whether that be a death, divorce, or even something in childhood. It’s time to work through that if you haven’t already. Talk to someone, journal, or invest in something like DNRS or EMDR (I attached links to both if you click).

Limiting beliefs

These are those awful things that we all tell ourselves on a fairly regular basis. “I’m not good enough.” “I’m not worthy.” “I’ve been sick too long, I’ll never get better.” Yeah, those things that are false, but somehow you’ve been believing. It’s time to retrain your brain, and create new beliefs. For me that’s been a combination of journaling, self hypnosis (thank you to Jim Fortin on that), and Theta Healers. Try a few things and decide what works best for you.

Masculine energy

This one I can thank Melanie Ann Layer for (she’s fabulous, go check her out on Facebook). This has nothing to do with gender, but the energy that we give and receive. Masculine energy is very do do do and push push push. That’s me all the way. Sometimes it’s good, because stuff has to get done. But if you’re constantly pushing, then you can’t receive. So there has to be a balance of feminine energy, which is calm and receiving. If you’re always ‘giving’ in masculine energy, then how on earth can you receive healing? You can’t. You’ll have to learn to balance both, like a yin and yang. More on that HERE.


For whatever reason, this tends to get ignored. People assume that just because they aren’t working 60 hours a week, that they aren’t stressed. That’s just incorrect. We encounter stressful incidents daily, whether that be the drive to work, our toddler dumping his lunch tray on the floor, or starting dinner later. We have got to manage our stress better if we want any type of healing to happen. I have a blog HERE with tips to get you started.

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