top 10 gifts health nuts

Top 10 gifts for the health nut

Got a crunchy friend or family member that you need to buy for? ¬†You know, the ones that are no ‘poo, organic, dirt-loving, kombucha drinking type of people ūüėČ I’ve got 10 great gift ideas for the health nut because…well…I’m that gal.

While I normally just write about nutrition and all things wellness related, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to branch out and help those in need of gift ideas. Tis the season. ¬†And honestly, even if you aren’t buying for a health nut, these are fantastic gift ideas for anyone, because they are all very needed.

So, without further ado, onto my top suggestions…

Top 10 gifts for health nuts

1. Nut milk bag and mason jars

Making your own plant-based milk is all the rage right now. And I might add, lots of health benefits in doing so. I’m quite partial to hemp milk (flavored is delicious and chock full of omega-3’s), but almond milk, cashew milk, and even pecan milk are being sold on shelves. They are all simple to make, healthier than store-bought, and much cheaper. Assuming this person has a high-powered blender, all they need is a good nut milk bag for straining and some mason jars for storage. A cheap but thoughtful gift.

2. Yeti water bottle

Everyone drinks¬†water daily, so a Yeti tumbler¬†is a fantastic gift. It keeps your water cold ALL day so no need to continuously add ice. It also works well with hot beverages, so tea, coffee, or bone broth will stay nice and warm. It’s also nicely made so it’s well worth the price tag.

3. Juicer

This is actually on my Christmas list this year. Juicing has so many benefits it’s unbelievable. Not to mention, fresh juice tastes so great. I’m personally a fan of the this¬†Breville juicer¬†¬†due to its great reviews and affordable price tag.

4. A food delivery service or local CSA

For busy families, either of these make an ideal gift. I mean, who doesn’t mind saving time at the grocery store? There are a ton of healthy (Paleo, vegan, etc.) local food delivery services in each town, you just have to do a bit of digging. There are also national companies such as Plated and Freshly that will deliver the ingredients and recipes right to your door. Another great option is a local farm CSA (community supported agriculture), where a weekly or monthly¬†produce and/or meat package is set up¬†and then picked up at a designated location. Sustainable and healthy. Win win!

5. Starter kit from Cultures for Health

I love this company. Seriously. It’s a health nut’s dream. They have kombucha starters, kefir starters, sourdough starters…and the list goes on. Lots of options and perfect for someone wanting to branch out into the world of fermentation and beyond.

6. Grow your own herbs kit

There are several companies out there selling grow-your-own-herbs kits. And who doesn’t love herbs? If you cook, you use them daily so this is a great gift for anyone. Fresh is obviously tastier than dried and these kits allow you to grow herbs year-round inside.

7. Personal water filter

If you’re buying for someone who travels a lot, camps, hikes, or is outdoors in general, you need to get them a personal water filter. We all know tap water is not ideal for drinking, so how convenient to have the option to filter that tap water wherever you are. Lifestraw has a great one that’s under $20 and highly rated.

8. Paleo cookbook

Even if the person you’re buying for isn’t a paleo eater, Danielle Walker’s newest cookbook “Celebrations” is great for anyone. While she it is a compilation of¬†all grain-free recipes, they are tasty (I know, I’ve tried several!) and cater to all holidays. Maybe your friend will even invite you to New Year’s Day dinner after you give them this cookbook. ¬†ūüėČ

9. Gift card to a local juice shop or Whole Foods

While I’m not a huge fan of generic gift cards (oh…$20 to Target…thank you), I LOVE our local juice shops and Whole Foods. Most health nuts frequent both places, so you’re guaranteed to get some bonus points with this type of gift card.

10. ClassPass

ClassPass is a great concept that let’s you workout in 39 cities worldwide, choose whichever classes you like, and has no contract. There are thousands of workout options making¬†this a healthy person’s delight.

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